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“…what keeps the whole world in being is Change: not merely change of the basic elements, but also change of the larger formations they compose. On these thoughts rest content, and ever hold them as principles.”
-Marcus Aurelius


It is a fundamental part of life. Our bodies change, our friendships, our family, lives, character. Throughout the events of our days and years, the world around us changes, often times, this will cause ourselves to change, to grow.

A big theme of today’s environment is growth, a constant state of progression and change. James Altucher talks about reinventing yourself. He has even formed a movement out of it. James states reinventing yourself never stops and that in order to progress or start over in life, we will need to reinvent ourselves. Why is this important? Because stagnation equals death.

Thousands of years ago, we as primitive creatures relied upon nuts and berries to survive. With the invention of fire, we were able to cook meat, and the innovations of mankind for the betterment of society continued to grow and advance from there.

Think for a second about everything that came because of a change in our thinking and actions. Would we as a civilization be where we are or would we still be foraging for nuts and berries?

Change is inevitable. Change is necessary.

It is what keeps the world spinning. As long as there is man, there will be growth and change. At times, this can be scary. For example, over the next 20 years, what is going to happen to those whose jobs are going to be replaced by automation? What will happen when we have self-driving cars and self-serving restaurants?

You are looking at a workforce out of commission. A change. How will we react to this? We must change in order to keep moving forward.

Save money. Build new skills. Find a way to become irreplaceable. As James Altucher says, we must reinvent ourselves.

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