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  1. Great post and great page!! It seems as if this was a disjointed thought or fragmented idea. Perhaps, to carry out every action with true conviction and “doing everything to the best of ones ability…” seems applicable here. If our intention is good, and our actions are looked upon or perceived as an “end,” and not as a “means” to something else, I am all for it. Touching on the semantics and the use of “good” here is an entirely different topic. 🙂

  2. This is an interesting quote because Marcus’ history was steeped in knowledge about art. It was a vital part of his growth and teachings as a child (Donald J. Robertson does a great job of laying this out in his new book). One could make the argument that Marcus is using art as a metaphor for himself, how you are a piece of art, always trying to be improved upon, trying to be “good.” It’s the belief that he is doing “man’s nature” to be good. He believed in brotherhood and I think this quote speaks to the Stoic virtues he was trying to practice.

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