To Sell is Human

To Sell is Human

The capacity to sell isn’t some unnatural adaption to the merciless world of commerce. It is part of who we are. 

Daniel H. Pink. To Sell is Human.


Book: To Sell is Human
Author: Daniel H. Pink
Read: July 2019


Many of us now devote a portion of our spare time to selling – whether it’s handmade crafts on Etsy, heartfelt causes on DonorChoose, or harebrained schemes on Kickstarter. 

The conventional view of economic behavior is that the two most important activates are producing and consuming. But today, much of what we do also seems to involve moving.That is, we’re moving other people to part with resources so that we both get what we want. 

People are selling all the time, regardless of their job. 

The technologies that were supposed to make salespeople obsolete has in fact transformed more people into sellers. 

A decade of intense competition has forced most organizations to transform from segmented to flat (or at least, flatter) They do the same, if not greater, amounts of work than before, but they do it with fewer people who are doing more, and more varied things. 

As elasticity skills become more common, one particular category of skill it seems always to encompass is moving others.


We as human beings are always selling to one another. This takes the form of selling goods but it also is us trying to influence those around us either in decisions, tasks, or favors. In short, we must learn how to sell because it will help us learn how to advance within life. We must continually reinvent ourselves and by selling ourselves, goods, or opinions, we are persuading others. While we may not have a job that requires us to sell in the sense that we most interpret selling, we are still selling in some regard and should thus understand how and why we are selling ourselves.

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