Book Notes: Verbal Judo

Book Notes: Verbal Judo

The entire basis for Verbal Judo is to treat people with dignity and respect. 

George Thompson. Verbal Judo.


Book: Verbal Judo
Author: George J. Thompson, Jerry B. Jenkins
Read: July 2019


Five Universal Truths of human interaction: All people want to be treated with dignity and respect; All people want to be asked rather than told to do something; All people want to be informed as to why they are being asked or ordered to do something; All people want to be given options rather than threats; All people want a second chance when they make a mistake. 

Ancient Greeks: Action follows philosophy and that what we believe will dictate our actions in life. 

By truly believing and advocating the philosophy of respect for others, we can maintain tactical position even in adversarial situations, while allowing others to disagree and keep their dignity. 

The philosophical foundation of Verbal Judo promotes using language to achieve a professional purpose and to do so with real power and empathy. 

Sympathy vs empathy: We can feel the pain of others by merely asking ourselves how we would feel under identical circumstances.

We must communicate our purpose but we are not required to respect wrongful action. 

The entire basis for Verbal Judo is to treat people with dignity and respect. 

In this life, the most important thing you have is your relationships with people. 


Part of understanding others is understanding ourselves. But in order to do that, we need to keep a level head in situations which can escalate quickly. Verbal Judo is the key and provides plenty of tools and tactics for pausing before responding (very important) as well as creating buffers to help others remain calm so a conversation does not quickly escalate.

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