The day has finished. We have spent today thinking about the following question:

What am I doing about the things that matter most in life?

This will be a short reflection.

After thinking about this all day, I was constantly reminded of Marcus Aurelius quote on being a good man. How he said:

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

I think that applies to the things we cherish most in our lives as well. If we’re not treating people the way we think we should, stop and treat them better. If we think we can devote more time to studying and we haven’t been, stop and give your studying more time.

I’m reminded that we have control over our actions and the amount of energy we put into them.

If we want to give more to things in our life, stop thinking about doing it and just do it.

How have we grown from this? Did we execute any differently today because of this? Do you feel that you have new tools to accomplish tomorrow?

The Stoic Within

The art of living a virtuous life.

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