The day has finished. We have spent today thinking of the following question:

Am I taking anything for granted?

Yes. Absolutely. I think most of us do in life. We take for granted our friends, pets, family. It is natural to become caught up in our day-to-day concerns and let others fall to the side. But we shouldn’t forget those who we love and have helped us. Look at yourself: have you ever taken yourself for granted? That you are alive still? That your end date has not come? It means you still have time to live, to push on and try and achieve the things you wish to do with your life. Do not take for granted anything. As long as you’re still breathing, push on and go after what you want without hesitation. Take nothing, least of all yourself, for granted.

How have we grown from this? Did we execute any differently today because of this? Do you feel that you have new tools to accomplish tomorrow?

The Stoic Within

The art of living a virtuous life.

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