“Spend not the remnant of thy days in thoughts and fancies concerning other men, when it is not in relation to some common good, when by it thou art hindered from some other better work. That is, spend not thy time in thinking, what such a man doth, and to what end: what he saith, and what he thinks, and what he is about, and such other things or curiosities, which make a man to rove and wander from the care and observation of that part of himself, which is rational, and overruling.”

Marcus Aurelius. Meditations.III.4


Spend your time wisely. Do not fret and worry about what others say or do. Focus on yourself. Only focus on the actions of others if it is in common pursuit of a desired goal. Do not waste your time thinking of how another thinks of you, says of you, cares about you. Live in the moment, and focus on your goals and desires.

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